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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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city workers are set to walk off the job tomorrow morning. the sticking points between the two sides and what it could mean for residents. details on a shark attack. what the woman was doing in the water when she was attacked. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. half of the city employees in sunnyvale are planning a strike tomorrow. that'll limit many city services. city workers and the city of sunnyvale are at odds over wages and negotiations broke down last thursday. >> ktvu leigh martinez joins us live from the newsroom after talking to both sides about what could happen in sunnyvale tomorrow morning, leigh? >> reporter: 450 employees belong to the sau union half of all city employees. it is a possibility other city workers won't cross the picket
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line. public safety agencies such as police and fire will still be fully staffed and working, but the mayor of sunnyvale says he may be the one to answer the phone in the planning department. >> reporter: jackie davidson loves her job and was happy to come to work on sunday to put on a living green fair. but she says being a sunnyvale city employee barely covers the bills. >> and the cost of living and the cost of housing especially if you rent just continues to go up. >> a lot of city employees are allowed to live in sunnyvale and that is the fact. we have people driving three plus hours every day to come in. >> reporter: on monday davidson and half of their staff say they are planning to stay home. >> sunnyvale employees are going on strike tomorrow. >> reporter: employees working in the the planning department will join the picket line. the mayor says he is prepared to work in the front office this week after employees rejected the city's last offer.
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>> it includes a 10% raise for them. it has generous healthcare benefits. even this last week we've adam buchanan $6,000 per employee signing bonus to try to get those deals made. >> reporter: but the s is ea says that is far from enough. but under 16% of the rest of the bay area. >> it sounds like a huge number. but when you look at the cost of business that's what it is. we are not asking for anything any surrounding agencies don't get. >> reporter: there hasn't been a raise in five years. >> in 2014 and 2015 they receive add 3% raise. so you could call it a wash and however we gave back 2% before we got that 3% raise. >> reporter: because it took a $300 million hit from cal, the state employees pension program, giving into the employees, they would raise $82 million. the city will have to cover in coming years, which could mean layoffs. >> yes, that is the only way to
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go ahead and make sure we have a balanced budget. >> reporter: and now at this moment the call for the strike is on and sea city employees will report to city hall picket line at 8:00 a.m. it is unless they get a call from sea's president tonight that negotiations are back on. >> and is that a possibility somehow at the last minute negotiations could resume? >> both sides say they are hoping as they tend to go back to the table. we will wait and see live in the newsroom, thank you, leigh. organizers of today's may day rally are expecting thousands of people to take part. in san jose they are planning to reroute bus services to avoid road closures. and affected roads will include the avenue and santa clara streets and some store owners say they are planning to be closed tomorrow so their employees can take part in the march. there will also be may day rallies in san francisco starting at justin herman plaza
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at 11:00 a.m. followed by a march to civic center. you probably noticed when you're outside. the weather is getting warmer around the bay area and even warmer as the week progresses. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at what you're looking at tomorrow, mark? >> very warm temperatures. a few neighborhoods could soon be talking about 90 degrees over the next few days. take a look at the highs from this afternoon and still fairly nice out there with a few neighborhoods cooled off yesterday. still a lot of 80s towards santa rosa, napa, livermore, ant y san jose maxed out at 79 and 72 degrees. so very nice today across the entire region with the overall temperature trends. today kind of planted out, but look what happens on monday, tuesday, wednesday, a big bounce in the temperatures. that means we're talking about a few spots close to 90 degrees. the live camera towards the golden gate bridge right now with fog-free conditions, a bit of haze out there. winds will actually reverse more of a northerly wind. when it happens it will warm up
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the entire bay area. and also right near the immediate coastline. on the satellite as you can't pick out just a layer of the fog up to our north that is just about it with the low clouds out to the west as well. what's happening, a trace of the wind speeds are coming in out of the north and that's the warming wind direction that will clear them out and wipe away the clouds on your monday forecast, tuesday's forecast, and also into wednesday. eventually we do cool things off with your five-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. san francisco police are looking for a witness to a fatal pedestrian accident last night. they say a 77-year-old woman was crossing lake merced boulevard near fox boulevard. when she was hit and killed by a pickup truck. the driver was a 56-year-old resident who is cooperating with investigators. police believe the arguments of the two-door white sedan may have seen that accident. police say they don't believe the pickup truck driver was impaired. it is another weekend of
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headaches for some arriving passengers at san francisco international airport as dozens of flights are delayed or canceled because of a repaving project. contractors are resurfacing their runway, which is usually used for landing under normal conditions about 60 flights arrive there every hour. but now with the runway out of commission this weekend that number is cut in half to about 30 flights landing every hour. the airport officials told thus have been 371 flight delays -- told us there have been 371 flight delays. >> every 8-12 years, certain lengthy runways and they want to make sure they get it all done. >> and these delays and cancellations are mostly affecting regional flights up and down the west coast. the runway is expected to reopen at noon tomorrow and the weekend closures are expected to run through the next five weekends. santa cruz police arrested a man on suspicion of murder after discovering a dead body today near the board walk. the victim's body was found around 420 this morning on main
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beach near the volleyball courts, identified only as the 52-year-old transient. police arrested 58-year-old kevin callahan in connection with the case. they say witnesses told investigators callahan and the victim were in a fight before the man died. police said both the victim and callahan were homeless men camping on the beach. berkeley police are looking for a missing at-risk man. they said phillip romano was last seen noon yesterday in the 1100 block of hurst avenue. about five feet nine inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, and has brown hair, brown eyes, and a short beard and mustache. police say he is at risk for an undisclosed medical condition. a series of tornadoes and severe storms tore through texas, arkansas, and missouri last night leaving at least 11 people dead and dozens more injured. as ray bogan reports the damage is extensive. >> east texas is recovering after tornadoes tore through the area leaving a trail of destroyed homes, overturned
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vehicles, and mangled trees. >> i went into a farm shelter today as you could feel the winds and you could just feel the temperatures and the winds and it hit so hard so fast. and it just kept moving. i have never seen anything like it after 22 years of living here. >> reporter: the national weather service confirmed at least three tornadoes touched down and passed through canton. the tornado that struck canton grew up to half a mile wide as it blasted a 40-mile path of destruction. canton's mayor vined an -- signed an emergency declaration for the area. >> a disaster declaration for the city. and we have been contacted by numerous agencies and elected officials. and the senator ted cruz. and the white house this morning. >> very importantly we want to recognize the tremendous first responders who spent a long night last night and all day
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today who have been working tiredlessly to help people. countless volunteers who have helped people respond to this challenge. >> reporter: the tornado's path is clearly visible from the air and down power lines and debris littering the countryside. power crews from across the state are in the area helping to restore the power. emergency crews across east texas continue to serve the damage. in texas ray bogan fox news. >> the annual courthouse dinner went on without their usual guest of honor. tracking those for the first time in 37 years, fitting president was not there. and the white house staff also boycotted the event. and they also took on more of a somber tone than in years past. there were plenty of jokes, however by the event mc. >> we got to address the elephant that is not in the room.
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the leader of our country is not here. and that is because he lives in moscow, a very long flight. it would be hard for them to make it. not just on a saturday, but it is a saturday. as for the other guy he's in president. he can't take it a joke. >> and then trump was in passenger hosting a rally where he railed against fake news and democrats. he also promised to attend the correspondence dinner next year. coming up a woman seriously injured in a shark attack off a california beach. what experts are saying and what we now know about our condition. >> and president trump stumps critics alike.
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in iraq the u.s. soldier
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was killed yesterday in an explosion near the pentagon that has not released their name. this is the third combat death in iraq and afghanistan this week. and they released a statement saying the air strikes killed 45 civilians in iraq and syria during the month of march, but they said all feasible precautions were taken in each incident, but the strikes resulted in what is unintentional walks of civilian walks. on reports of an ongoing investigation for mosul who said they resulted in more than 100 civilian deaths. president trump was on a sunday morning talk show circuit today and did not rule out in an event they would conduct a nuclear weapons test. they made their remarks on face the nation and they would be unhappy if they tested anatomic bomb and said he believes chinese president would also be unhappy. when asked if that would lead to military action, he would
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not commit in one way or another. the president has extended a controversial white house invitation to philippine president. he said he wants to talk to the philippine president about a u.s. philippines alliance against north korea, used for a war against drugs by encouraging the killing of drug dealers and users. he extended the invitation without first consulting the national security council or the state department. >> orange county beach is closed tomorrow afternoon after a shark attack at a popular shark attack. the female victim was bit in the back of the leg. she was wading in the ocean with some friends. severable people helped pull her to shore on a surf board. a part of her upper thigh and back of the leg were severely damaged. they used a rubber surf board leash to stop the bleeding. she was air lift today a nearby hospital. the shark was at least 10 feet long and could have been a
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great white or a seven gill shark. the woman's current medical condition is unknown. hundreds of flying, driving, and working machines were on display at the half moon bay airport today. the event is in its 27th year. as allie rasmus explains, spectators and car enthusiasts enjoy it because they never know what they will find. >> they don't make stuff like this anymore. >> reporter: the dream show is like a tore through automotive and mechanical history. >> it's 1921. >> reporter: you can see steam roller construction equipment like this in a museum. but here it is different. >> it is a whole other level when you can see it run down the road or track. >> reporter: along with century- old construction trucks more than 1,200 classic cars on display. >> this is the ford station wagon. >> reporter: the dad bought this car 25 years ago, a part of the family ever since. >> we have spent hours talking
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about the cars and the the time when they were around. and it is just a real cool kind of bonding experience for my dad and myself and also for myself and for my son. >> reporter: his car was parked right next to this three-weal electric vehicle. they do about 40 cars a year and there is no telling what you will see. >> reporter: driving flying machines, a section of the show designed for cold war era fighter jets. >> it's a one-day event that happens only once a year. the money is raised for the coast side adults health center. they provide care for seniors in santa cruz and san francisco. last year this event raised $100,000 for the organization. >> reporter: nothing with an engine is turned away. >> if it is ugly or pretty it doesn't make a difference. >> reporter: it's for people to
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share their passion while contributing to a good cause. at half moon bay allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. cyclists will soon be able to ride on the bay bridge bike path every day. starting tuesday the bike lanes will be open seven days a week. they've been closed monday through friday while crews dismantled the rest of their bridge. and they knew at this point at the end of the path when they will also be closed and they will have access to benches and restrooms there. a road leading to yosemite national park is set to reopen tomorrow starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. big oak flat road will reopen, entering the mark via highway 120 west will be able to take that road. they had been damaged by floods, still making repairs for drivers that should be prepared for some delays. out in the east bay if you drive through the tunnel you might have noticed more wildlife alongside highway 24. dozens of goats have been
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brought in to do what they like to do each. they gobble up all the weeds and grasses on the hillside and serve as living breathing weed whackers. the national administration said warmer temperatures this week are expected to rapidly melt their record snowpack. forecasters expect the merced river in the yosemite to hit flood stage by wednesday. officials are warning swimmers some californian rivers will run colder and faster while the snow is melting. it will be warm outside. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center with our forecast. >> it is just beautiful and typically we're talking about the fog in the coast inland and just comfortable today and a nice day to be outside. we will ramp up the numbers for your monday, tuesday, and wednesday. a few high clouds, in fact lower clouds are off to our
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west and that is just about it. they are following that wind direction and that means they will be spreading to the south pushing the clouds out to the area, typically a warming wind direction right now. you can see them with that north and northeasterly wind kicking up. and all into your monday and tuesday forecast. take a look at the numbers right now checking in at 73. san jose mid-70s. livermore 77. the wind speeds are a bit of a breeze and they will check in on those. but what will be key, the on shore flow that sea breeze is really going to back up. even they do wacker up nicely. a gust of 31 miles an hour out of the northwest. and here is our live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge right now. the coast will be in the 70s
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for tomorrow and around the bay 80s. flirting with 90 degrees. by tuesday that will be a reality with a few spots inland. 90, maybe 91, 92 degrees. overnight lows we're thinking 40s to the 50s out there and most areas starting on monday morning and includes san francisco. 55 degrees into the afternoon hours warming up nicely. and a great day to go for a walk, mid-70s to reach 78 degrees tomorrow afternoon. they won't be warming up, developing as they need to strengthen. most areas will be warmer tomorrow and this pattern will persist through monday, tuesday, wednesday. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. and that means the warmest location. 92, 93 degrees. the winds are focused up at 25 miles per hour and through parts of the north as well. take a look at our forecast for
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tomorrow in the clear as you put this into motion for the afternoon hours. those brighter colors will introduce to you some 80s and a few spots closing in on 90 degrees. take a look at the highs tomorrow. 89. and oakland will go 88 degrees in the south bay, a very nice 84 by the board walk. and look at san francisco there with a 78 right near the immediate coastline. be extra careful right now. hot on tuesday and wednesday and a dramatic cool down in fact by thursday and into friday. in fact by the weekend we are talking about the 670s and the 70s, to make the most of the next few days. be nice out there. tomorrow is the start of the bay area spare the air summer campaign. and they will hurt and they might begin next week. air quality managers issued alerts of smog and ozone levels
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are expected to reach unhealthy levels. on those day they urge people to leave cars at home and take public transportation. they also ask queue to go notch -- they also ask you to go natural and avoid using barbecues and aerosol spray cans. coming up, the warriors find out who they are facing in the playoffs. >> the giants with the heartbreaker today. this thing is hard to watch as you'll have all the highlights next in sports. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now.
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in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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yeah, it was an offer they couldn't refuse. the cast and director of the godfather reunited last night at tribeca film festival in honor of the film's 45th anniversary. they joined director francis ford copla at the event. a framed portrait was prominently displayed. the reunion followed back-to- back screening of the godfather and godfather part 2. >> they played both the movies, just great.
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all right, joe, it didn't work out for the giants today. >> work on that. the giants are in the if it can go wrong it will go wrong mode and a beautiful cove. they were spoiled late in the game by the san diego padres. >> they are going to take advantage of it. >> michael morris continues to be productive sips he rejoined the team. the opposite deal against the padres clayton richard in the 6th. hunter pence scores. giants with a 2-0 lead after seven innings of shutout baseball. and he was in line for the win. but once again they couldn't close. mark melancon with one out and one on. the pinch hitter for sanchez and the former giant with a drive that ties up the game suffering his first blown save since opening day. it will be 2-2 and with two runners on. the padres win 5-2. a team
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that's offensively challenged making key errors suffering from blown saves. the a's in houston with the roof open. if you will ask for a swig of somebody's drink, don't back wash. oakland down 2-0 in the 5th. then brian mccann bounces it over the head of ryan healy. scores two to make it 4-0 houston. that's all he allowed in six innings. marwin gonzalez with a towering drive off of the reliever. the ball hits the top of the foul pole. astros go on to win it 7-2. three games under .500. warriors have added a week to wait and watch as the l.a. clippers and utah jazz battle it out in seven games to see which team will be golden state's next playoff opponent. goldenstate -- felt like the jazz had this one all the way. in the last seconds of the season.
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joe johnson sliced through the quarters finding rodney hood for an easy two putting the jazz up by 16. in the 4th quarter heyward muscles a pair in the lane. despite the foul he ended up leading 26. the jazz moves on with a 104-91 win taking this series 4-3. that means the warriors and jazz right here on tuesday. >> yeah, hopefully the warriors are fired up because they've had a long time off. >> now we know, thanks, jeff. thanks for joining us on this sunday night. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. good night.
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okay, in avatar, when they have sex on pandora, they hook up their ponytails, so we know their ponytails are like their junk. yeah... so? so, when they ride horses and fly on the birds, they also use their ponytails. what's your point? my point is, if i were a horse or a bird, i'd be very nervous around james cameron. it amazes me how you constantly obsess over fictional details when there are more important things in the real world to worry about. for example, why wasn't william shatner in the new star trek movie? hey, sheldon. i was up in the administration office, and i happened to overhear the name of the winner of this year's chancellor's award for science. and you want to rub my nose in the fact that my contributions are being overlooked again? i am the william shatner of theoretical physics. all right, i'll play. what self-important, preening fraud are they honoring this year? oh, i'm so glad you asked it like that. you.


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